Pediatric physiotherapy

Pediatric physiotherapy

While the sequence of development is the same for all children, the rate of development is diffent for each child

Every child is unique. Therefore I combine various methods to adjust therapy to individual need of each child. My goal is to provide high quality physiotherapy while maintaining well-being and confidence of my small patients and his parents.
It is important that regular physiotherapy treatment starts as soon as possible after the child is diagnosed. This is because treatment is more effective the younger the child is, as the brain is still developing, and we can make a bigger impact to their quality of life.

Main methods I use for children

NDT Bobath
Vojta reflex therapy
SRT and other manual techniques
Respiratory therapy
Craniosacral therapy (CST)

I meet mainly these problems and diagnoses:
Developmental delay
Baby neurological disorders
Birth defects
Faulty posture
Craniocerebral injuries
Orthopaedic ad neurological diseases
Pes planus (flat feet or fallen arches)